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6 Oct

But far be it from me to boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world.  Galatians 6:14

Our TV is old.  When the entire visual world went HD, it went bye-bye.  Even without a TV, however, I still hear a whole lot of boasting as the presidential election draws near.  (Actually, I prefer boasting to bashing.)  There are two problems with this self-focused look-at-me-I’m-wonderful obsession:

  1. Self-aggrandizement, drawing attention to oneself and one’s accomplishments, is repulsive. Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; a stranger, and not your own lips.  (Proverbs 27:2)
  2. The only one truly worthy of our boasting is God.

Reading all the Bible verses that include the word boast is a very interesting  and worthwhile study.  As I read through the verses another pair of observations emerged:

  1. I am humbled as I remember my boasting and how insignificant my accomplishments are.
  2. The only one truly worthy of my boasting is God.

I’m not campaigning for president, but I’m no less guilty than the candidates of boasting in myself and stealing God’s glory.

As I read through the verses, my focus shifted from myself to my God.  And my heart filled with the worthiness of God!  I began ticking off his accomplishments, making a list-prayer of who he is – boasting in him and giving him all the glory!

That’s My King is my favorite* list of God-boasting.  Take six minutes to listen and boast in him.


Ready for Sunday

I’m making a list of who God is.  All day today, I’ve been thinking about who he is relating to my day.  As I eat – He is Provider.  As I look at the beautiful sunshine and changing leaves outside – He is artful Creator.  As I read news blogs – He is the All-wise Alpha and Omega.  As I hear more election jargon – He is the King of kings.

My King was born King.
The Bible says He’s a Seven Way King.
He’s the King of the Jews – that’s an Ethnic King.
He’s the King of Israel – that’s a National King.
He’s the King of righteousness. He’s the King of the ages.
He’s the King of Heaven.
He’s the King of glory.
He’s the King of kings and He is the Lord of lords.
Now that’s my King.


*There are other versions of this video on-line that are more visually interesting, but I like this one the best because the crowd’s response is included in the audio.  Additionally, the full sermon is an hour well-spent!  “That’s My King” is near the end at the 55 minute mark.

Pastor S. M. Lockridge  (1913 – 2000) was  very appropriately named Shadrach Meshach after two of the three Hebrew captives who would worship only God even when faced with being thrown into a furnace of fire.  Lockridge was the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, in San Diego, CA from 1953 to 1993.

Special thanks to Brandi Germana for the art above.  She has a wonderful artistic gift!  Check out her work.

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