The War of Christmas

26 Dec


While I thoroughly enjoy Christmas traditions and the warm cozy feelings this season brings, what occurred in the spiritual realm the night Jesus was born bears no resemblance to demure candlelight with red and green ornaments.

The War of Christmas

Deep darkness descended upon Eden’s garden;
God’s glory contested by mankind’s heart, hardened
.   convinced we would not die.

Surrounded by splendor knit into each flower
At the garden’s true center. A fruit-choice devoured
.   the Gift of heaven’s life.

We choked on a mouthful, spit out the seeds.
The serpent gave counsel from deep in the weeds
.   of selfishness and fear.

The core of the matter lay under the surface
Of murky dead water. His trickery hurled us,
.   as heaven wept a tear.

Dying for grace; starved for mercy;
Longing for hope; under the curse
We languished.

“Now I am your sovereign! My talons sink deeply;
My claim rips you open– I own you completely,”
.   the serpent sneered with guile.

Pure innocence slaughtered in death’s heartless clutches.
The dragon’s wrath conquered Love’s good gift with justice;
.   regret and shame exiled.

Dying for grace; starved for mercy;
Longing for hope; under the curse.
He banished us.

The serpent, now cursed, crawled while stalking Eve’s offspring
In dust, plunged headfirst all while writhing and roaring–
.   a lion to devour

Descendants and heirs of the sin– and the promise
Of One who would carry them out of the darkness
.   with love’s redemptive power.

The dragon rose out of the sea with hell’s fury.
He blasphemed and shouted defiantly: “Surely
.   my devilish scheme has won!”

His tail flung the stars to the earth from the heavens;
The angels made war as he leered at the woman–
.   soul swollen with the Son.

Dying for grace; starved for mercy;
Longing for hope; under the curse,
She, in anguish labored.

Divine intersection of worlds: pure and broken;
A grace insurrection for what hate had stolen:
.   abundant life destroyed.

In Bethlehem’s night sky a voice broke the silence
The angel spoke rightly a cry of defiance:
.   “Good tidings of great joy!”

Dying for grace; starved for mercy;
Longing for hope; under the curse
He vanquished hate and fear.

The people in darkness now see a light greater:
Hope swaddled incarnate born into our nature
.   of helpless sin and death.

The true Son of David, and heir to the Kingdom
Came humbly, came naked in God’s perfect wisdom–
.   the Word took his first breath.

© 2015 Catherine Howie
Based on passages from: Genesis 3; Revelation 12; 1 Peter 5:8-9; John 10:10; Isaiah 9, Philippians 2

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