Default Fault

10 Oct

IMG_4518Colors everywhere! One of my greatest joys is looking at color– on autumn trees, in aisles of material at a fabric store, over rows of souvenirs in a market. Even in my craft room raw materials are arranged by color.

When I’m in a hurry I toss items for sorting later– a length of ribbon, buttons from a friend, and other finds– on my desk. When I have time to create, I gravitate upstairs to my room. And I put everything in its place.

Sometimes this takes up all the time I had for creating art. Last time that happened I laughed out loud at myself and the irony! While I enjoy a neat space for working, the goal is to use the supplies to create art.


After Jesus had* healed Bartimaeus of his blindness, entered Jerusalem to shouts of “Hosanna!” from his followers, and cleansed the temple of unprincipled merchants, the religious leaders of Israel ask Jesus:

“By what authority are you doing these things?”

Jesus’ answer was a parable.

The renters working the vineyard in the story, after beating and killing the owner’s servants who came to collect the rent at harvest time, say: “This is the heir. Come, let us kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.”

Jesus blasted the leaders for not recognizing who he is and prophesied that they would put him to death.

These are the leaders who have spent their lives telling the people that Messiah was coming. Everything they did and said hinged on preparing the people for the day when he would be among them.

Except one thing: their lust for power.

Their default, the reason under their every word and action, was to maintain power and control. The ironic and twisted aspect in this interchange is that their default was so strong they missed Jesus– the object of their purpose and reason for their position!

No miracle, no teaching, no parable or any sign from heaven could break through their default. Their hearts and minds were impervious to the true reality of the situation.

Messiah had come! They were standing in his presence. And they missed him.



What are my default behaviors? When I’m stressed, what is my auto-pilot response? Does it keep me from seeing Jesus?

Am I so focused on religious business that I miss him?

Lord Jesus, re-tune my heart to yours so that my heart pulses with every beat of yours. Replace my natural defaults with your grace and mercy so that my worship will be a pleasing and acceptable sacrifice devoid of self and consumed with you.


*Mark 10 – 11


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