13 Sep

cloud photo

Good Morning! It’s a beautiful day in America’s midwest. The sun is shining and skies are blue with white puffy clouds. It’s a great day to praise the Lord!

Over the past few weeks, I have been sensing the Lord asking me to take a break from this blog. For several weekends, I’ve writen anyway. He is so wonderful, awesome (in the correct sense of the term), good, powerful, loving, and so much more, I could go on writing a post on Saturday for the rest of my life encouraging us to worship Him. There are times when God’s direction seems harsh – like a parent saying, “Do not cross the line I’m establishing!” This is not one of those times for me. His leading has come with gentle nudges to lay this blog down.

So, for now I am saying that I’m taking a break. He may be redirecting me to another opportunity, or just asking me to step back for awhile. Right now I’m not sure which.

While we wait together, the archives are here for you. Looking back over them, I became aware that even through a blog about worshiping Him, God has been faithful! I had no idea I’d written so many posts! And, honestly, I’d forgotten many of the points in posts I’ve written! How like God to give clarity, and then give it again at a later time!

Thank you, dear fellow-worshiper for your encouragement and trust. And most of all, for worshiping the God of Gods and King of Kings. He is matchless and completely worthy of our worship.

At His feet with you….


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