This I Know

3 Aug


For the last few hours (and I do mean hours) I have been caulking the crack between the new countertops and the freshly painted wall.


“Use this special colored caulk,” they said.

“Simple application. Just squeeze to apply,” they said.

“Easy clean-up with water,” they said.

My “squeezing to apply” shoulder has a cramp, my hands are water-logged, and my patience is out in the garage with the plain white caulk. The line between countertop and wall is blurry and wiggly, and the new paint has lots of little bits of primer peeking through where I had to do some “easy clean-up with water”.

Trying new things intrigues me. I decided that this new caulk would be fun! White can be boring, after all. If I had stuck with what I know, however, I would be in bed now. I understand how to apply the white stuff with a caulking gun, and all mistakes are easy to hide under paint. One of my greatest joys in home renovation (I know this sounds a little crazy) is seeing a nice straight line – where wall paint meets ceiling, between wall and trim – any place two surfaces join. The result is clean, neat, and refreshing after living with a sloppy job from previous home owners. I am now that homeowner.

At least for my efforts I am ready for Sunday. While applying, cleaning, and reapplying dark brown caulk, I’ve had lots of time to think about the white caulk just steps away in the garage and how all this relates to leading others in worshiping God tomorrow morning.

What I heard God say through my frustration, is to think about what I know– what I know about Him. I don’t have to get all fancy and look for trendy ideas or interpretations. Returning to basics is not boring, it’s refreshing and comfortable. To get ready for tomorrow, to refocus from my kitchen fiasco, all I need is to remember what I know about God.

He is good. All the time.

He sent His Son to this world in an act of love to us before we loved Him.

He provides everything I need and all I have.

He knew me before my parents were born.

He is the beginning from eternity.

He is truth and cannot lie.

He is the King over all.

He is my Savior, my God, my Lord, my Father, and my friend.

He loves me… this I know.

Now I am ready for Sunday.



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