Replacement Strategy

11 Jan

Last weekend the snow continued to pile up defying the angle of repose until there wasn’t any definition between the chair slats.

chair snow

A perfect demonstration of increasing measure. Just look at the overflowing abundance!

Each chair slat held its own pile of snow, and as snowflakes continued to fall, little bit by little bit was added until the chair held a snowy cushion. If I had tossed a shovelful of snow on an empty chair, very little would have remained on the slats. The secret is the steady adding of little bits to build up strength and continuity and integrity.

In our society integrity is perhaps the cardinal virtue in church leadership. Even the world recognizes a lack of integrity in the church. I don’t always recognize whether or not a worship leader is suffering from a lack of integrity, but I can tell that something is off. We have all been there, too. We’re going through the motions (and thank God he can work in spite of me!) but something isn’t quite right.

There are times when I know what my problem is; those are easy to understand, if not easy to make right. But what about the times when there isn’t any known sin, disobedience, or clarity?

Not 100% of the time, but more often than not, it’s because I’ve stopped pursuing becoming like Christ in increasing measure.

Getting re-started is easy once I’ve figured out the issue. For me it begins with my mind: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind…Romans 12:1-2

Deciding. Deciding to move toward God intentionally.



As soon as I decide to make a course correction, it’s easy to see what is off. It’s usually an attitude.

My next step is to ask God for a plan– usually something simple that involves replacing a bad attitude with a godly one – and deciding what that is before the next opportunity to go wrong presents itself. For instance, if there is a situation that or someone who pushes my buttons, I ask God for a good response to use the next time to replace the wrong attitude.

Just like the strong man who needed to be bound, and the demon who had been cast out that came back with lots of his friends to reoccupy the soul that was swept clean in Matthew 12 – replacement is the key.

Decide, plan, replace. The strategy of little bits that add up… in increasing measure!


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