So you want to go to heaven?

2 Nov


Almost everyone will say he hopes to go to heaven when he dies.

Many people think heaven will be a place of pleasure and peace– and where they can do what they want. In this thread people hope for everything from a Jesus hug to sex with angels to playing baseball. Even some believers feel this way: “i will have plenty of time to do what i want to do when i get to Heaven, but right now, i am His servant, i do as He wants me to do.” ChristianChat

Translation: In heaven God will fulfill your deepest desires.

But think about what we know about heaven:

  • No more tears, crying, or pain – Rev 21:4 (Yes!)
  • No more night; God lights the place up – Rev 22:5 (No schedule or deadlines? Count me in!)
  • Lots of angels and the heavenly host (army) are there – 2 Chron 18:18 (Looking forward to seeing this!)
  • All will bow before Jesus and say that he is Lord – Phil 2:10-11 (Well, OK.)
  • Giving away everything we worked for – casting our crowns at his feet – Rev 4:10-11 (What?!? That’s hardly fair!)
  • Serving God all the time, day and night – Rev 7:15 (Um… no time for me?)
  • Full of saints (Christians) – 1 Cor 1:2; Dan 7:27 (Only annoying people?)
  • God’s will is all that will be done – Matt 6:10 (Seriously?)

Why would anyone who doesn’t follow Jesus want to go to a place like that?

Maybe the expectation that God will fulfill our deepest desires is true. The questions is, what is your heart’s desire?

To please yourself? Then you will probably be happier someplace else.

To please God? Then heaven will be the time of your life – or at least the fulfillment of it! Eternally and perfectly praising and serving God.

Complete bliss!



Every time we gather together to worship God we participate in a shadow of what is to come in heaven! I don’t know if we’re practicing or anticipating (or both), but this world has nothing better to offer those (everyone!) who were created in God’s image and likeness.

While I know what happens in the spiritual and heavenly kingdom is not dependent on what I do or don’t do, there is a responsibility to lead well– to be right with God, worship him only, and as much as possible, get out of the way so God can speak and people can worship him. This can’t happen if the other six days of my week have been self-seeking and pleasure-driven.

There are many things in life that we can’t control. How we get to praise God is one of those. I have a friend whose wife is on her deathbed today. They didn’t choose their circumstances, and yet, they continue to worship God, even in this. When it all comes down to this, we get to choose very few things in this life. Whether we will praise Him, and with what attitude are two such choices. Jesus died for me, bought me back, and owns me for eternity. I will praise him with my whole heart now, tomorrow morning, and in heaven forever.


The idea that people who don’t follow Jesus aren’t going to like heaven is from Pastor Steven Post’s 10-13-13 sermon entitled “On Earth as it is in Heaven” preached at the Grand Marais Mennonite Church.


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