Livable in Real Life

15 Jun

Pastor .

“…everything, absolutely everything in the scriptures is livable. Not just true, but livable. Not just an idea or a cause, but livable in real life.”

Eugene Peterson


Fitting that the author of The Message would pen a paraphrase of 2Timothy 3:16 tucked into his memoir. This pastor and theologian for the common man who has been dedicated to teaching truth for more than a half-century knows something about the livability of the subject of his dedication.

Peterson pastored Christ Our King Presbyterian Church for 29 years. He studied, preached, and lived the scriptures in front of, and with, his congregation as he led the worship service every Sunday.

Pastor Pete’s example (and ours) is Jesus. Jesus, the one who laid aside his deity and lived as a mortal man, got it right – partly so we would know a holy life is possible. (And partly so he could be the sinless sacrifice for our sin, and mostly because he loved his Father. But those are topics for another post.)

When Jesus lived on the earth he was the scripture livable in real life. Not an ethical system of shoulds and should-nots, but The Word in human flesh. Total fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets.

Complete love, grace, peace, holiness, joy… completely worthy of my worship.



What scripture is challenging you to live differently? To really live?
Mine is 2 Peter 1:1. More on that next week.

Peterson quote above from: The Pastor – A Memoir, p. 214.


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